Solo Exhibition by LaToina Allen


LaTonia Allen | Solo Exhibition


Falling to Find: A Journey to Love Attained

Saturday | July 21 - September 22 | 2018

LOCATION: Houston Museum of African-American Culture | Opening Reception 2pm 


Falling to Find…

tells the story of a time where artist, LaTonia Allen, found herself being overwhelmed with emotions of depression, isolation and insecurity. Each piece is paired with a song to directly convey the different emotions felt in these moments of vulnerability. Through these works, she accredits these songs to not only allowing her to accept being in these spaces, but more importantly, aid her in navigating through them. Follow along in this symphonic journey as she tells of how she found a new disposition of self-fulfillment and confidence through art and music.

For the first time in Allen's life and career, she opens up about her personal battles with depression, and learning the importance of finding ones own way through life's many struggles. She uses actual people in her life to speak to the audience through expressionistic colors and compositions in hopes that you will listen, assess, and attempt to understand this story of growth, enlightenment and the attaining ... of love.


We invite you to attend LaTonia's final exhibition before she beings her new journey in receiving her MFA from School of Visual Arts, NYC. Join the experience, where each piece will have an accompanying QR Code to the right of it for guests to scan. Immediately a page will emerge and show you the emotion, description and song that inspired that particular piece. Guests will also receive a set of auxiliary headphones to pair to their mobile devices, and be encouraged to click the song to fully immerse themselves in the mind and space of the artist. 

In order to participate in the experience you MUST download a (FREE) QR Code Reader to your apple or android devices. 

Drinks and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.

* iPhone 7 and up users are encouraged to bring either their personal headphones, bluetooth set, or an appropriate adapter to participate in the experience

Houston Museum of African-American Culture

Bert Long Jr. Gallery

4807 Caroline St.